Select the burn location by clicking on the map above. Standard Google Map controls are available (pan, zoom). The latitude, longitude, and local time zone values are updated automatically.

You may also manually enter coordinates in the two boxes. Press tab or click to move to another field after entering the last value to indicate you are done. The map and time zone will be updated automatically.

Note that this model has specific assumptions about the terrain in which it is valid. For more information, refer to the User Guide.

Select the fire ignition date and time and its duration. Dates and times are in the fire's local time zone. The available time options are determined by the weather forecast files currently available on the server after conversion from GMT.

Note that this model works best when the modeling duration spans local sunset. For more information, refer to the User Guide.

Define the burn and modeling area. Grid spacing options are in 30-meter increments (to correspond with the resolution of available elevation data), and grid spacing options below 120 meters significantly lengthen the time for the model to run.

Note that this model is designed for terrains with smooth, relatively modest elevation changes similar to the Piedmont region. It does not work well in areas with turbulent wind conditions. For more information, refer to the User Guide.

WARNING: This model is designed for burn events which start at least 4 hours prior to local sunset and lasting at least 6 hours after local sunset. Other start times and durations may affect the accuracy of the results. Sunset at this location occurs at approximately local time.

WARNING: a grid spacing value less than 120 meters will cause modeling to take significantly longer to complete.

Click on map above to select location of ignition
Location of ignition: ° latitude ° longitude time zone:
Fire start (in fire's time zone) & duration
confidence ranges (relative to latest available NAM forecasts): past data 0-6 hours 7-12 hours 13-24 hours 25-36 hours
Local start date: Local start time: Duration: hours
Terrain parameters
Area burned: acres Grid spacing: meters Sample radius: miles
Fuel parameters
Fuel type:  
Run model
After the "Run Model" button is clicked, progress messages will be displayed below. Results take a few minutes to generate. Links to results remain valid for 48 hours after the run.
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