About This Application:

PB-Piedmont-Web is a Web-based implementation of PB-Piedmont, a local smoke model for predicting night time smoke movement. The ability to make such predictions is useful for determining whether smoke from a prescribed burn will cause problems on local roadways.

Note that modeling is based on North America Mesoscale (NAM) forecast data from NOAA/NCEP. These data are updated every 6 hours, and each dataset extends for 36 hours. The date/time options presented on this site's main page represent data available on the CEFA Web server, which generally includes the latest 8 datasets available.

When the model is run, the most accurate forecast for the selected date/time is used. For example, for a fire event starting at 1500 June 17, the dataset representing 1200 June 17 is used in preference to extended forecasts from earlier datasets. Model results extending into the future from the latest dataset available are color-coded to depict the increasing uncertainty of the forecast data.

User Guide:

For more information about this model and how to use the Web interface, refer to the User Guide.